I used to be Lauren. Now I'm Lucas. I'm still the same person.

I believe I'm into my second rebirth on this go around. First I was a heterosexual, feminine, glam rocker. Or at least I tried to be. Then for thirty years I was a butch lesbian, happy for the last fifteen to be a community college professor of anthropology. While that work continues, I am now moving into my transman cult figure phase.

My focus is on creating educational media and commentary. I will always be proud of everything I achieved and produced during the first 49 years of my life as Lauren. I'm looking forward with more excitement than I've ever felt to seeing what the rest of my journey brings me as Lucas.

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Verbal and Visual

I've always been involved with music and audio production. In the '80s, I did time in an all-girl hair band, and I spent many years as an audio recording engineer in NYC. These days I like to use my A/V skillz for educational and political purposes. The podcast, unlike my classes, is essentially an uninterrupted anthropology lecture; the blog, on the other hand, is usually an outlet for political frustration.

Consistently attracted to the intersections of technology and creativity, I turned to photography after a lifetime of expressing myself through music. In truth, I began for the love of birds, waiting, camera in hand, for that perfect shot. But photography is an expensive habit and a good zoom lens costs as much as a car. So I shoot landscapes.

Landscape (mostly) photography

The (Formerly) Anonymous Podcast

The Podcast The Blog

Essays and Videos

publications, papers, and multimedia

YouTube Video Page

original educational videos

A rap song about evolution, an attempt at evangelical anthropology, and a low-fi drag king micro-documentary, among other things.


Academic Papers

Scholarly ruminations

A Master's thesis on drag kings, a critical examination of "institutionalized homosexuality" among Native American peoples, and a broad comparison of Eddic and Vedic mythology.

Drag Kings Berdache Mythos


Education + experience = opinion

Using the approaches of anthropology, the building blocks of cultural literacy can be communicated to students of any age.

The Anthro Lens HS Anthro

The Road to Lucas

Coming soon.

Disturbingly confessional.


It's never too late to become the person you think you are.